Lightbeam Apps


Lightbeam Apps is the New Zealand based software development company of David Gary Wood.

Lightbeam specialises in real-time video applications. If you have a project you’d like to talk about with David in that space, please get in touch.

David Wood is a skilled developer, and manager. He has a career spanning over twenty years, in the UK and New Zealand, across a range of industries.

David has developed iPhone applications since 2012. With a focus on video, and live performance, his apps enable people to use their devices in unique ways.

He believes that software can give people super powers, enabling them to create and to achieve otherwise impossible things.

In business, David specialises in mentoring juniors and interns, and helping them progress in their careers as developers. David cultivates a strong and supportive team environment.

In 2021 he developed the Router design pattern for SwiftUI applications. The pattern was showcased in a talk at Vancouver Xcoders (YouTube)

David is actively involved in the world wide iOS development community. You can find him talking fortnightly on his indie development podcast Waiting For Review 🎙

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