Last updated
November 27 2022

Video to Audio does not need your private data!

Video to Audio does not collect or store your personally identifiable data from the app on a server, or send any personally identifiable data to any third party.

Video to Audio uses privacy-first analytics (TelemetryDeck, detailed below) to support feature development for the app. Non-application data that Video to Audio uses is orientated around user support, and application quality assurance. This is detailed below.

Email feedback

Emails sent to Video to Audio for support are processed via a service called ZenDesk . These are stored on Zendesk’s servers, and are subject to ZenDesk privacy policy. This is currently available at

Email support information is used only to provide support and respond to any software issues. Support emails are not used by Video to Audio for marketing purposes.

TelemetryDeck analytics and data

Video to Audio uses TelemetryDeck for app analytics. Any data that is transmitted to the analytics server consists of the following:

An anonymized user identifier. The identifier is constant for each app install but cannot be traced back to any personally identifiable information.

An action taken, such as “App Launched” or “Settings Opened”. These actions are defined by Video to Audio’s developer.

A time stamp when the action was taken.

Device metadata, namely platform, system version, app version, build number, if the build was downloaded via App Store or TestFlight, and the device model type (i.e. iPhone X, iPad Air, or iPhone 14). Additional metadata as defined by the developer, such as “Number of Items in the Database” or “Setting X is enabled”. IP addresses are never stored on the TelemetryDeck Server, neither in the database, nor in any log files, nor at any other place.

The meta data Video to Audio sends for these analytics is as follows:

  • Whether it is the first time the app has been launched
  • Which screen the user has seen (Help screen, Settings screen, etc)
  • Which app has been selected in the “More Apps” section
  • Whether the user has visited the unlock pro section

Apple analytics and data

Video to Audio uses Apple App store analytics in order to record sales volumes, user opt-in analytics, and crash reporting information.

This information is provided via Apple’s AppStore Connect service, and does not identify individual users.


By using Video to Audio, you consent to this privacy policy.


For any further questions or feedback on this privacy policy, please contact David Wood, at